• Quick response & progress
    From design until completion of samples only take less than 2 weeks.
  • High standard production management
    Mass production experience, continuous skill & quality improvement, continues machinery upgrades, SOP skill workers.
  • Excellent Services
    Help solve problems quickly and ensure cost down with excellent quality.
  • Development Specialist & Professional Design Team
    Continuous discovery, new design ideas, and created many types of packing methods.

Material Comparison

Item/Material Paper pulp packaging EPS Packaging EPE Packaging
Environmentally Can retrieve back & recycle Large waste, cannot be resolve, major pollution CFC damage ozone, cannot be resolve, major pollution
Buffer capability good buffer capability, contain fiber interweave Solid, prone to crack when crushed. Good buffer capability, but joints prone to break apart
Volume smaller bulky bulky and soft
Unit price Slightly lower than EPS cheap Very expensive
Production Output according to orders Output according to orders Production slow
Storage Can pile up reducing used of space by half Large storage space Large storage space
Danger rate Non self-combustion Ignite easily Ignite easily
Toxic rate Non toxic Toxic Toxic
Moisture proof Absorbs moisture Moisture proof Moisture proof
Retrieving resources 100% retrievable Unable to retrieve Unable to retrieve
Image Promote company’s image Only maintain company’s motive Only maintain company’s motive