Molded Pulp

  1. 100% recycled & recyclable.
  2. Biodegradable. no pollution during production.
  3. Produced in single independent piece.
  4. superior structural strength, and easy to use.
  5. No self combustible chemicals & materials.
  6. Able to design & create various shapes & structures upon request.
  7. Excellent physical characteristics: great cushion & protective.
  8. moisture absorption capability, able to protect in high humidity environment.
  9. Low tax & duty when export to world market.
  10. Unique static-free property, suitable for delicate electronics.
  11. Stackable. Half of EPS storage space.
  12. Production utilizes use less energy than EPS production.
  13. The low cost of molded pulps can be a great cost-down opportunity.